Terms and Conditions

Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

By registering for a Vector wrestling camp, camp attendees and their parents/guardians agree to the below terms and conditions. Timberwolf Wrestling LLC (doing business as Vector Wrestling Camps) also reserves the right to update the below terms and conditions at any time. The terms and conditions enforced at a camp will hold true to whatever was published up until the start of the camp. For continual review, the most current version of our terms and conditions can be reviewed by clicking on the “Terms & Conditions” link at the bottom of our web page.

Registration and Refund

Vector Wrestling Camps are for ages 8 and above, at time of camp start. Should there be doubt, Vector Wrestling Camps and it's contracted personnel, reserve the right to request a government issued identification to confirm the age of the participant. If said registrant is not 8 years old or above and attempts to attend a camp, he/she will be dismissed and no refund will be issued. 

Once registered, up until three weeks before the start date of the registered camp, conflicted registrants have two options: 1) a 50% refund, as no full refunds are granted or 2) a future camp coupon for a camp of equal or lesser value, which is good for one year. For example, if a customer submits a 2024 camp registration for a coupon, the credit will be good for a Vector Camp until Dec 31, 2025. Once the three-week threshold before the camp start date has been entered no refunds (of any percentage) or coupons are available. Lastly, it is ensured that all information collected by Timberwolf Wrestling LLC at the time of registration will be kept private and used only by Vector personnel for camp purposes.

Early Departure

Timberwolf Wrestling LLC will not return funds, credits, or anything of the sorts for any camp attendee that may leave a camp early due to injury, scheduling conflicts, dismissal, or anything of the sorts. Timberwolf Wrestling LLC will also not change registration prices for anyone who may want to attend less than the proposed amount of days for the camp (i.e. 2 days instead of the entire 4-day camp).

Spectator Viewing

To maintain crowd control, only the registered athlete is permitted to enter the wrestling area (likely a gymnasium or events center). For anyone else to view camp activities (technique sessions, drilling, live wrestling, etc.), a spectator pass must be purchased. Spectator passes are available for single day viewing or for the entire camp. These passes may be purchased online or at the camp itself. Failure to comply may result in the dismissal of the spectator and the associated camp attendee.

Injury Liability

Timberwolf Wrestling LLC, it’s owners, contractors, and employees are not responsible for any injuries that may be sustained to a Vector camp attendee. By attending a Vector camp, attendees and their parents/guardians understand that wrestling is a contact/physical sport and that injury is possible. Throughout the camp, it is ultimately up to the camp attendee to use his/her best judgement while participating. It is also up to the parents/guardians to use their best judgement going forward into continuous days of wrestling should a camp attendee be injured at the camp. Should any injury be sustained by a camp attendee, parents/guardians are responsible for all medical bills sustained. As a form of injury prevention, Timberwolf Wrestling LLC will contract first aid certified medical personnel to be on site during camp activities to attend to minor injuries but does not hold said personnel responsible for the fate of the potentially injured camp attendee. If said personnel deems a camp attendee unfit to continue participation, an external doctor's note will need to be obtained to allow said camp attendee to continue participation.


In order to comply with signed contractual agreement with featured clinicians, to protect the property and brand image of Timberwolf Wrestling LLC, and to maintain order at Vector camps, the taking of any sort of photos and/or videos by camp attendees, parents/guardians, coaches, and/or anyone not of Vector personnel is strictly prohibited. Such actions are subject to potential dismissal from the camp without compensation. Photos and videos will be taken by Vector personnel only and then distributed to all camp attendees upon the completion of the camp. These photos and videos will include live shots of teaching sessions, drilling and live wrestling, as well as individual photos of each camp attendee with the featured clinician(s), should the camp attendee be interested in having one taken. These photos will be released to all attendees via email at the end of the camp. Timberwolf Wrestling LLC also reserves the right to use all photos and videos taken of camp activities and attendees for future professional and promotional use.


Vector camps are open to wrestlers of all age and skill level, should they be able to behave responsibly without parental supervision. Timberwolf Wrestling LLC reserves the right to dismiss any camp attendee should they misbehave. Actions of misbehavior may include, but are not limited to, the following: vandalism to facilities, burglary, bullying, hazing, extreme unnecessary roughness, the use of obscene/abusive language, failure to respond to Vector personnel, etc.

Monitoring of Athletes

Timberwolf Wrestling, LLC does not retain responsibility for the well-being of camp attendees once said attendee has left the building in which the camp is being held.