About Us


Create a camp experience that will inspire wrestlers to dream big, work hard, and accomplish their goals. 



Ben Ferry

Ben brings many strengths and a wealth of experience to the team. Growing up on a cattle ranch in rural Utah, Ben developed a strong work ethic and tenacity for tackling challenging projects. 

Graduating from Brigham Young University with a degree in Business Strategy, Ben spent two years working for the prestigious Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. He then shifted careers and currently works in the real estate industry, running finance and projections for one of the biggest home builders in the Rocky Mountain area.

Ben especially loves three things in life, among others. 1) his beautiful wife Gretchen and two boys, 2) the Utah Jazz (he can often be heard saying, "the Jazz are gonna be sick this year, I know it"), and 3) anything involving the sport of wrestling. He follows the sport religiously and loves running camps to help youth develop the same passion. 

Alex Nicholes 

Alex is a proud dad to two girls and one boy. Aside from his family he loves coaching wrestling and track, entrepreneurship, and teaching. 

Alex earned a bachelors degree in education from Brigham Young University as well as a Masters degree in Sports Management. In addition to Vector Wrestling he owns and operates Cumulus Sport with his wife, Annie. Alex loves working with youth as both a high school teacher and head wrestling coach. He is currently in his 10th year as a high school coach. 

The sport of wrestling and his youth coaches greatly impacted Alex's life. He feels strongly about creating a similar life changing experience for the next generation of wrestlers, and uses Vector and coaching as vehicles to do so.